Koh Rong Sanloem_Cambodia

The supply ship arrived with all the goods needed for the island life. There was stormy weather the days before so there was a delay of two days. The whole town was at the pier to collect the items they ordered from the mainland. While daytime the pier was crowded by tourists, during the night there where only local people keeping the island society working. The downside of tourism is the waste produced by consumption. The locals try to collect the waste and ship it to the mainland, but sometimes they burn it. 

Island life and the nature is quite depending on an working ecosystem. So while we as privileged people should know, that throwing away our waste at beaches or the jungle could destroy such an ecosystem, we act like we never heard of it. The local people depending on this ecosystem and the tourism, have to live with the consequences. 

So if you plan a trip to a region where waste management isn't as good as in your country, try to behave as you would have to live in the region for the rest of your life. 

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